Breathe Easy with Carpet

It is very easy to see how some would think that carpet could be harmful or a step in the wrong direction for someone who suffers with allergies or asthma. According to recent studies, carpet, if properly maintained and cleaned can actually reduce airborne allergens. Carpet would be a reasonable choice for someone who suffers with such conditions. In studies it shows that carpet holds onto a greater amount of allergens than hard surfaces, which results in fewer allergens being spread through the air. The allergens stay in the carpet and do not come out with everyday walking, playing, etc. With effective cleaning (vacuuming, steam cleaning, etc.) the allergens that are in the carpet will be extracted causing the allergens and any airborne particles to be reduced.   

Carpet Care

Having mats at the doorways will help trap dirt and oils that are tracked into your home. Clean your mats on a regular basis by vacuuming and washing them. One of the most important steps in taking care of your carpet is to vacuum frequently, especially in high traffic areas. If carpet is not vacuumed frequently it could cause the dirt from everyday traffic to settle deeper into the carpet causing hard to clean stains. Try to vacuum high traffic areas on a daily basis and other areas at least weekly. Also changing the direction that you vacuum will help keep the carpet pile stay nice and keep the dirt to a minimum. Steam cleaning is a good way to extract the oils caused from cooking and air pollution that could eventually discolor your carpet. Also, when shopping for carpet make sure you look at what type of pad is best for you. A good pad will help prolong the life and all around quality of your carpet. When placing or moving furniture be sure to protect your carpet and the pad under it with some sort of carpet protector.

Nylon vs. Polyester

We carry two basic carpet fibers, nylon and polyester. The carpet you choose will come down to what characteristic matter more to you.

Nylon – Nylon has been used for carpeting since the 1960’s and is an excellent, versatile carpet. Some characteristics of Nylon include: several style options, low pile to high pile, loop pile styles, durability, it can be dyed for color rage, softness, and its resilience. Nylon can be treated with a stain resistant treatment during manufacturing to prevent staining from everyday household spills.

Polyester – Polyester has become a much better quality carpet than its reviews in the past. Polyester characteristics include: softness, clear color, naturally stain resistant, not as resilient as nylon. When properly manufactured polyester carpet is a fantastic choice for areas with low to medium traffic(bedrooms). Polyester is an overall good product.


Shaw SoftBac Platinum Carpet Backing

Shaw's flexible carpet backing system offers a host of benefits over traditional backings.
This patented backing system offers:

Since its introduction in 1997, SoftBac has proven itself superior across the board. In consumer tests, carpets backed with SoftBac were consistently found to be more comfortable than comparative products, regardless of the padding used.

And the benefits aren't just ones you can feel. SoftBac offers advantages you can see. Since SoftBac protects the carpet fiber from excessive heat transfer during the application of the backing, shrinkage is minimized, creating a noticeable improvement in the carpet's appearance. Its ability to bend and fold makes for fewer seams in tight passageways and corners. And its superior stretch allows for less visible seams.